Inspired by antique originals, I custom made this pair of spool heel shoes to match  an Evening Toilette competition gown.
Parasol that I hand embroidered as well as hand blanket stitched the fringe and braided trim....pair of gloves I embroidered to match.
Inspired again by original embroidered and fringed capelets, I designed and made the capelet and embroidered all the example of the fleur de lis done in a simple stem stitch is seen bottom left...the heavy satin lining is all hand blanket stitched
My first project was to embroider the inserts on the bodice front panel and then decided to continue on to the apron front of my silk opera/evening gown.  Challenging and a great learning experience on the fine fabric.
A few of my projects that lend a personal touch to my ensembles
Capelet paired with my Evening Toilette gown, a multi award winning costume.
LEFT: Olive spool heel "slippers" I made to go with a competition gown BOTTOM LEFT: Victorian capelet that I embroidered and added fur edging to, BELOW:  1870s velvet chapeau I embellished with gold satin ribbon, silk flowers, antique jet applique, and an antique ostrich feather  ABOVE: Fur hand muff with fur edged boots
  ABOVE: Some of the amateur needlework on my parasol, and RIGHT: At Prescott, AZ 2014 Shoot Out On Whiskey Row event.