~ Odessa Red's Personas ~
Madame Red didn’t have to advertise, her clientele did that for her. Hearing tales of the finest liquor, elegant soirées, and beautiful women, word of mouth brought men in by the droves. Madame was careful of her choices, however, and only a select number were granted the privilege of setting foot across the threshold. She would not have a rowdy house, for it would be most uncivilized and she valued her reputation as a sophisticate. She catered only to the most titled and well connected patrons and judging by the opulent surroundings in her twenty five room mansion, her shrewd decision served her well. Although her occupation doesn’t sit well with the townswomen, they don’t complain too loudly when she frequently donates large sums to their charitable causes. Madame Red has endured the overland trail, desperate bandits, frightening gunfighters, tragic epidemics, raging storms, the loss of children, but most of all, her pioneer spirit remains undeterred by the ruthless odds against her. She persevered and became a woman of great strength and success which led her on the path to contentment in the community she settled in.
A fiery red head, Odessa McShane is both a survivor and success story. Her father immigrated from County Tyrone , Northern Ireland , and she was born in Missouri to her Osage mother. At age eight she witnessed her father, a Captain in the Confederate Army, her brother, and cousin tragically murdered by bushwhackers during the Civil War on their front porch. After her mother and infant brother died from smallpox soon after, Odessa and her siblings packed their belongings and traveled overland to Redlands , California . Eventually, through steadfast determination coupled with industrious hard work, she became a respected and wealthy land owner of the finest citrus groves the state had to offer.
Dessie is a hardworking gal who breeds and breaks fine horseflesh for sale on her ranch in the high country of the Eastern Sierra Nevada . She tends the needs of her ranch single handedly and takes pride in her simple outfit. Dessie don’t take guff off noone, and anyone who dares will soon find themselves looking down the long end of a double barrel. Once, many years ago, though unknown to most, Dessie attended a fine lady’s school when she was just a young lass. There she learned ciphering, her numbers and such, and that helped her from being cheated many a time when some shifty horse trader tried to cheat her from her share of the sale proceeds. Over the years she lost her ladylike demeanor and eventually transformed into the ruddy, self sufficient, no nonsense rancher who successfully runs her outfit as good, if not better, than any man ever could.
Madame Red
Odessa Red McShane
Dessie or Ms Dessa