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Odessa Red was recently cast in an exciting movie based on the acclaimed novel, When the Storm God Rides, written by award winning author, Thomas Kelly.  The book will be out June 2012 and production is just around the corner.  Stay tuned for this powerful Western filled with an amazing cast of Actors and Re-enactors....follow us into The Storm!!
In 2011, Odessa joined a talented cast of actors and reenactors to help recreate the story of the Bradley-Martin Ball held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York...produced by edge West for the National Geographic Series called "Party Like" and will be airing soon on NatGeo!
Rebecca and her oldest daughter, Kristen, were cast in the original 1996 production of, The Legend of the Arrowhead,  written and produced by Heather McCluskey...a musical about the history of San Bernardino.  "Legend" was brought back for San Bernardino's Bicentennial celebration in 2010.
The Legend of the Arrowhead
The California Theatre, San Bernardino, CA
In 2013, cast as The Redhead, Rebecca Daugherty joins a great cast of actors in this epic Western tale. 

With her family murdered and being left for dead, Scarlet Waters is now hell bent on The Reckoning.

Directed by:   Tino Luciano   

Writing Credits:
Neil Flowers   ... (written by) and 
Sam Fidler   ... (written by) & 
Tino Luciano   ... (written by) 
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